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It's been two years since I ran for office

For the last two years
we lost more Federal funding

For the last two years
our personal income has fallen even further behind the States' to new lows

For the last two years
our Educational system continued to fail our children

What can be done?

I will hire financial professionals and grant specialists on my Federal staff at Federal expense to work with our departments to:

  • Qualify for all available Federal expenditures

  • Make sure the funds get spent in the USVI

  • Comply with all Federal reporting requirements

  • Make sure the process and controls are in place to sustain the programs year after year

I will work with the new Governor and new Senators and actively pursue the kinds of businesses we want to move to the USVI to provide high quality employment.

We can use our 'mirror' tax code and our strategic advantages to attract carefully selected,  successful corporations to our islands.

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